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Sa. 15.01. Ruedi Bleuer & frieds Leimiswil BE Jazzclub Lindenholz Details
Do. 20.01. Breiti & the BIG easy Gators Basel BS Atlantis Details
Fr. 04.02. New Orleans Hot Shots Genf GE Jazzclub Genf Details
So. 20.02. Breiti & the BIG easy Gators Zürich Höngg Mardi Gras Brunch Details
Mi. 23.02. Ruedi Bleuer & frieds Henggart ZH Jazzclub "Jazz at the Mill" Details
Fr. 25.02. New Orleans Hot Shots Delémont JU Jazzclub "Musiù" Details

A real Gator never sleeps !

Unfortunately there are still not a lot of bigeasy concerts 🙁
... but we have something for you 🤭
that is called "Ooh Poo Pah Doo" 😎